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Mapseller SE Mapseller SE Mapseller SE Mapseller SE Mapseller SE Mapseller SE
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对于DLC集成,还有另外两个制图师。其中之一是在里夫滕的海尔加的双层房子中找到的;他出售一张地图,其中揭示了Dawnguard添加的新位置。另一个在Solstheim的The Retching Netch中找到,她的地图显示了Solstheim的位置。这些供应商最初包含在单独的ESP中,但是由于SE包含所有DLC,因此我没有理由不将整个内容合并在一起并进行修复。

这在LE上是一个非常整洁的mod,我想看到它在Skyrim SE中实现,因此我已经做到了,并清理了一些问题。我会在出现问题时纠正更多问题,并可能在我认为合适的情况下扩展mod的功能。我总是乐意接受新的建议,因此请提供反馈!





除了在Whiterun Hold中编辑相同确切外部位置的模块外,该模块与所有模块兼容。这个mod只添加了一个带有马车静置物的奇异房屋,但更多信息请参见图像标签。以下是兼容,不兼容或部分兼容的mod的列表。请注意,某些补丁是可选的,并且并非下面的所有mod相互兼容!

Elysium Estate-部分兼容-已提供补丁-确保横向和网格划分兼容性。

Dark's Whiterun市场-部分兼容-提供补丁-确保横向和网格划分兼容性。

龙族遗产(Legacy of the Dragonborn)-兼容,可选补丁-添加新的博物馆装运箱适用关键字。



Capital Whiterun扩展-兼容-无需补丁!




我还将根据需要添加补丁,其中用于Atlas Map Markers的补丁即将完成!


此mod已压缩,标记为ESL,并打包到BSA中。您的mod管理员必须支持ESPLite文件,安装才能顺利进行。我只能为Mod Organizer 2用户提供支持,因为这是我个人使用的Mod Manager。涡流应该很好。只需按照FOMOD安装说明进行操作,就可以了。


我不建议您在游戏中期卸载任何mod,除非您愿意承担这样做的后果。如果您采用这种方式进行修改,我将无法保证游戏稳定,尽管Fallrim Tools等实用程序可能会为您提供帮助。


按我的喜好,Cartography Shop的内部单元有点暗,但没有什么破坏游戏和YMMV的功能。另外,请注意,供应商不是必不可少的,可以被杀死,从而使您无法获得地图,而不能欺骗他们。如果出现任何问题,请在帖子或错误跟踪器中告知我。我将尽力解决它们!




特别感谢Christobis提出的原创想法,并将其上传到Skyrim LE Nexus。我还要感谢ElminsterAU和xEdit的创建者/贡献者,因为它是一个非常强大的工具,


DISCLAIMER: This is a merged version of the original mod, found here, cleaned and ported for Skyrim Special Edition. Huge thanks to Christobis for the idea and allowing others to modify his work. I am not the original author!

This relatively simple mod adds a cartography shop to Skyrim on the outskirts of Whiterun owned by the Dravarol Family. Here, you can purchase maps of different holds of Skyrim. When read, these maps will reveal all the locations in that hold on the map, though they cannot be fast traveled to. The maps are each worth 500 base gold, with the exception of the Solstheim Map (400), Military Camp Map (200), and Dawnguard, Revised Map (250)

For DLC integration, there are two other cartographers. One of them is found in Haelga's Bunkhouse in Riften; he sells a map that reveals new locations added by Dawnguard. The other is found in The Retching Netch on Solstheim and her map reveals Solstheim locations. Originally these vendors were included in separate ESPs, but since SE includes all DLCs, I saw no reason not to merge the whole thing together and fix it up.

This was a really neat mod on LE and I wanted to see it realized in Skyrim SE, so I have done just that and cleaned up some issues with it. I will correct more issues as they arise and probably expand the mod's features itself as I see fit. I am always open to new suggestions so please provide feedback!

How Does It Work?
After buying the maps from the various vendors, you must then read them to reveal the locations on your map. This is done via script and attached script properties, but it only runs when the map item (they are considered books) are opened and should not cause issues in your game. You should have no performance loss, no polling, or other nonsense.

Fun Fact: This is actually a mechanic in Vanilla. If you read the book Explorer's Guide to Skyrim, four Standing Stones will be marked on your map. Based on this I presume Christobis used that script as a base in originally creating this mod.

Mod Integration & Patches
This mod is compatible with everything except for the mods that edit the same exact exterior location in Whiterun Hold. This mod only adds a singular house with a carriage static, but see the images tab for more details. Below is a list of compatible, incompatible, or partially compatible mods. Note that some patches are optional, and not all of the mods below are compatible with eachother!

Elysium Estate - Partially Compatible - Patch Provided-Ensures landscape and navmeshing compatibility.
Dark's Whiterun Market - Partially Compatible - Patch Provided- Ensures landscape and navmeshing compatibility.
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Compatible, Optional Patch- Adds new museum shipment crate applies keywords.
Helps To Have A Map - Compatible, Optional Patch - Adds maps to vendors.
Helps To Have A Compass - Compatible, Optional Patch - Adds maps and compasses to vendors.
Capital Whiterun Expansion - Compatible - No Patch Needed!
Run of the Mill Inn - Compatible -No Patch Needed!

Future Plans
Although the original scope of this mod is basically feature complete, I would like to expand it in the future. If you have any suggestions on how this can be done, please let me know. At the very least I would like to add custom dialogue for the NPCs, perhaps even a few quests that allow you to earn the maps rather than just buying them.

I will also add patches as needed, with a patch for Atlas Map Markers almost complete!

This mod has been form compacted, flagged as an ESL, and packed into a BSA. Your mod manager must support ESPLite files for the installation to be smooth. I can only offer support for Mod Organizer 2 users, as this is the mod manager I use personally. Vortex should be just fine, though. Just follow the FOMOD installation instructions and you will be fine.

I would not recommend uninstalling ANY mods mid-game unless you are willing to face the consequences of doing so. I cannot guarantee a stable game if you mod this way, although utilities such as Fallrim Tools may be able to help you out.

Known Issues
The interior cell of the Cartography Shop is a little dark for my tastes, but it is nothing game-breaking and YMMV. Also, please note that the vendors are NOT essential and can be killed, locking you out of obtaining the maps other than cheating them in. Let me know in the posts or bug tracker if any issues arise. I will do my best to resolve them!

The maps may also be missing some locations. Please let me know which locations these are (name and hold region) so that I may correct it.

Since the mod is flagged as an ESL, any mods that overwrite the newly added cell (WhiterunMapseller) can cause some weird issues. Best to avoid doing that.

Special thanks to Christobis for the original idea and upload on the Skyrim LE Nexus. I would also like to thank ElminsterAU and the creators/contributors of xEdit as it is a very powerful tool that was instrumental in ensuring this port was possible.

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    Mapseller SE

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