Kezyma的Mod组织者根生成器(Skyrim SE)

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Kezyma的Mod组织者2的Root Builder 2.0


通常,我们习惯于从Nexus Mods下载Mods,并在MO2中轻松安装一键安装,所有内容都被整齐地放置在Data文件夹中。但是,对于工具和实用程序,我们通常必须手动将它们手动安装在它们自己的文件夹中或直接在游戏安装文件夹中,而MO2通常可以防止这种情况。


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首先,您需要安装.Net Core 3.1,如果没有,可以在这里找到。 https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download

将RootBuilder.exe复制到您想要的任何文件夹中,通常建议在主Mod Organizer文件夹(而不是“工具”)中为它提供一个单独的文件夹,并将其保留在该文件夹中以便于查找。

将RootBuilder.exe添加到MO2中的可执行文件中,希望您已经知道如何使用Mod Organizer来做到这一点,如果不是,我建议您寻找MO2的初学者指南,这很容易,并且在大多数指南中都相当早出现。



接下来是有趣的部分,您想像正常一样通过Mod Organizer安装所有实用程序和其他mod,它很可能会告诉您它们的包装不正确,并要求您对其进行分类。




这意味着,当您通过MO2运行游戏时,刚刚排列的文件将位于GameName \ Data \ Root \和GameName \ Data \ Utils \中,并且可以由RootBuilder轻松拾取。






然后,选择当前Mod Organizer 2安装所在的文件夹,即您当前正在运行的文件夹。





与Root文件一样,Utils文件夹中的所有内容都将复制到Mod Organizer 2中名为Tools的文件夹中,完整列表存储在RootBuilder设置文件中。然后,您可以将它们添加为MO2中的可执行文件,以供以后使用。

如果启用了Wabbajack支持,则将根文件夹中的所有内容都复制到Mod Organizer 2中的一个名为Game Folder Files的文件夹中,Wabbajack使用它来确定编译modlist时哪些文件应位于游戏的安装文件夹中。


按下后,将复制回RootBuilder复制的每个文件,将Mod Organizer 2的Tools文件夹中的所有内容复制回mod文件夹,并将游戏安装文件夹中的所有内容复制回其mod文件夹。使用自首次复制以来所做的任何更改来更新Mod Organizer中的版本。




Kezyma's Root Builder 2.0 for Mod Organizer 2

The purpose of this tool is to (ironically) resolve the problem of having too many different tools and utilities to manage outside of MO2. 

Normally we're used to just downloading mods from Nexus Mods and having an easy one click install in MO2 with everything getting placed neatly into the Data folder. For tools and utilities however, we normally have to manually install them, either in their own folder or in the game installation folder directly, something that MO2 normally helps to prevent.

This utility allows you to restructure your utilities, tools and other mods that don't go into the Data folder and have them copied into their appropriate places as well as removing them or updating the original files in MO2.
Usage Guide

Before anything else, you'll need .Net Core 3.1 installed, if you don't have it, you can find it here; https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download

Copy RootBuilder.exe to any folder you'd like, I normally suggest giving it a separate folder within the main Mod Organizer folder (but not Tools) and leave it there to make it easier to find.

Add RootBuilder.exe to the executables in MO2, hopefully you already know how to do this if you're using Mod Organizer enough to want this tool in the first place, if not, I'd suggest looking for a beginners guide to MO2, it's quite easy and comes up fairly early in most guides.

Arranging Files
Next up is the fun part, you want to install all of your utilities and other mods through Mod Organizer like normal, it'll most likely tell you that they're incorrectly packaged and ask you to sort them out.

Next, you're going to create a new folder at the top level of the mod (the same level that you normally find folders like textures or meshes) and copy the contents of the mod into that folder. If it's a tool and loosely packed, you might want to make a second folder named after the tool to put all the different files in.

If the files need to go into the game's installation folder, the new folder you create should be called Root.
If the files are tools and you want to use them in MO2, the new folder you create should be called Utils.

This means, when you run the game through MO2, the files you just arranged will be in GameName\Data\Root\ and GameName\Data\Utils\ and easily picked up by RootBuilder.

Using RootBuilder
Now, launch RootBuilder through MO2.
The first thing you're going to want to do is select the game you're using, a single RootBuilder install can track one copy of each game at a time, so you don't need to have multiple copies of RootBuilder for multiple games.
Next, you need to select the install location of the game, this is whatever folder contains the main exe file for the game you're modding.
Then, select the folder where your current Mod Organizer 2 installation is, the one that you're running right now.
Optionally, you can also enable Wabbajack support.
Once you've done that, you have three buttons available to you.

Copy Root Files
When pressed, anything in the Root folder will be copied to the game install folder, if there's already files there, they'll be overwritten. Everything that's been copied over is then stored in RootBuilder's settings file.
Everything in the Utils folder will be copied to a folder in Mod Organizer 2 called Tools, just as with the Root files, a complete list is stored in the RootBuilder settings file. You can then add them as executables in MO2 to use later on.
If Wabbajack support is enabled, everything in the root folder is instead c copied to a folder in Mod Organizer 2 called Game Folder Files, Wabbajack uses this to determine which files should be in the game's install folder when compiling a modlist.

Sync Root Files
When pressed, every file that has been copied by RootBuilder will then be copied back, anything in Mod Organizer 2's Tools folder will be copied back into the mod's folder and everything in the game install folder will be copied back to their mod's folder. Updating the versions you have in Mod Organizer with any changes that have been made since you first copied them.

Clear Root Files
When pressed, every file copied by RootBuilder will be deleted and RootBuilder will delete references to them from its settings file.

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    Kezyma的Mod组织者根生成器(Skyrim SE)

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