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The Lofty Loft SSE-以Thalmor为主题的房屋

作者:Jokerine converted by GenlyAi
发布日期:2019-12-31 23:53:51
更新时间:2019-12-31 23:53:51
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The Lofty Loft SSE-以Thalmor为主题的房屋








我没有任何控制台(即XBOX),因此暂时(nov / 1028)无法将此Mod移植到它们。如果有人想这样做,请与我联系,以便获得必要的权限后我可以结束。不过,没有承诺。


此外,此款新版Nexus的“捐赠点系统”已被完全禁用。对于Jokerine绝对是不敬的。 (此页面的捐赠功能也被禁用)。




但是,如果需要,我将提供与SSE相关的错误修复,创建与SSE mod相关的补丁(如果可能),并回答评论。



这栋房屋与“我的家就是你的家”兼容,尽管不适合多次使用Hearthfire(或通常因为阁楼不是为此而建的,所以可以采用)。据我所知,“配偶可以无处不在”尚未移植到SSE。所以,也许,认为这是一个单身汉垫? :)

我决定不将网格物体/纹理打包到.bsa文件中,因为在其他SSE mod中看到了太多的错误和问题。

我还使用ELFX Enhancer对房子进行了测试,您可以在“图像”标签中看到几个屏幕截图。我认为它看起来不错(即使舒适),也不太暗,但是行驶里程可能会有所不同。如果要专门排除此房屋的EFLX更改(或从任何照明模块中排除),则可以在xEdit或CK中进行。如果有人要求,我可以提供指导。


通过Mod管理器(例如Vortex或Mod Organiser2)下载并安装它;

或者,手动将内容提取到“ / steamapps / common / Skyrim特别版/数据”文件夹中。然后,激活TheLoftyLoft.esp文件。



或者,如果手动删除,请删除TheLoftyLoft.esp文件以及“数据”文件夹上的文件夹/ meshes / loftyloft /和/ textures / loftyloft /。








与Hearthfire多种采用方式不兼容/不适用。 (或任何其他收养系统)



已经有关于放错位置(或看起来很奇怪)的“手写板”的报告(感谢报告用户“ morrowhen”)。回到SSE,我目前(2018年11月)正在调查该问题。同时,作为解决方法,请控制台禁用怪异的“墓碑”(感谢“ morrowhen”和“ Brujoloco”)。如果您不知道该怎么做,可以在帖子中解释。


-显然是Jokerine,是原始版本。 并允许我将其转换为SSE。

-Oaristys和Tony67撰写的Modders Resource Pack。


-berticus0001的Berts Bits and Bobs。











The Lofty Loft SSE - A Thalmor-Themed House
original author: Jokerine
converted to Skyrim Special Edition (with permission): GenlyAi

This is a little house, created by Jokerine and ported to SSE by me, located in Solitude. Given its theme, it fits well with a Thalmor member character, but obviously anyone can own the place. This loft is located in Solitude, next to Fletcher. You'll find the key around the crops, by the side of the entrance. There's also a map marker to the house.

Here's a showcase video of the mod made by bittu0812. Thank you!

If you enjoy this mod for SSE, after endorsing it here, please go back to the Original Skyrim page: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53084/, and endorse it there too!

As described by Jokerine, which valid here as well (checked by me): the file has been cleaned with SSEEDIT, does not require any DLC (though you'd have them all anyway), is fully navmeshed and has no scripts, so it can be installed and uninstalled at any time. But, as always, as a precaution, make a backup save before installing it. For this conversion, I have used the fixed esp file provided by slygeezer, which fixed the 'Angeline's missing door bug'.

The image uploading tab on the mods page should be open to all! So, please, I encourage you to upload some nice images (I'm not good with screenshots)

I do NOT own any consoles (namely XBOX), so for the time being (nov/1028), I cannot port this mod over to them. If anyone would like to do so, please contact me, so I can over after the necessary permissions. No promises, though.

Please note, that, uploading this mod (original or SSE), in total or partial, in paid mods is completely forbidden.
Also, this new-ish Nexus' 'Donation Point system'  has been completely disable for this mod. It would be definitely disrespectful to Jokerine. (Donation for this page is disabled as well ).

I converted this house to SSE as is and shall remain so, which means: 

For a full description, visit the original page: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53084/

Nothing will be added or removed (thalmor stuff included), this is strictly a conversion;

I will, however, if needed, provide bug fixes related to SSE, create patches (if possible) related to SSE mods, and answer comments;

Be careful with the barrels, they respawn. Everything else, is safe;

Old Skyrim related bugs, such as the creepy "walking mannequin" bug, remain;

This house remains compatible with My Home Is Your Home, though not suitable for Hearthfire multiple adoptions (or, in general, any adoption since the loft wasn't built for it). Spouses Can Live Everywhere has not being ported to SSE, as far as I know. So, maybe, consider this a bachelorette pad? :)

I decided not to pack the meshes/textures in a .bsa file, because I have seen too many bugs and problems in other SSE mods.

I have also tested the house with ELFX Enhancer, you can see a couple of screenshots in the Images tab. I think it looked good (even cosier), not too dark, but your mileage may vary. If you want to exclude the EFLX changes (or from any lighting mod) for this house specifically, you can do so in xEdit or CK. If people ask for that, I can provide directions on how to do it.


Download and install it through a mod manager, such as Vortex or Mod Organiser2;

Or, manually, extract the contents to your "/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition/Data" folder. Then, activate the TheLoftyLoft.esp file.

To uninstall: first, obviously, remove everything from the house you want to keep for yourself. Then just:

deactivate the mod on your mod manager;

Or, if manually, delete the TheLoftyLoft.esp file, and the folders /meshes/loftyloft/ and /textures/loftyloft/ on your 'Data' folder.

Compatibility (as of Nov/2018):

Not compatible with Open Cities.

Nov/2018 news: I WAS trying to upload a version of this mod compatible with Open Cities, but unfortunately I had to abandon as it was having issues with some clutter and doors. IF someone wants to provide a patch for that, you're most welcome. In that case, either let me know so I can upload here or just go ahead and publish as a new mod. 

Compatible with My Home Is Your Home.

Compatible with Solitude Expansion.

Compatible with Better Cities SSE - Solitude.

Untested: Mods that alter considerable Solitude. As of now (Nov/2018), I'm testing the mod with JK's Skyrim. If you guys have any other information regarding these incompatibilities, please let me know!

Not compatible / non-applicable with Hearthfire multiple adoptions. (or any other adoption system)



There has been reports about a misplaced (or weird looking) "grave tablet" (thank you for the report user 'morrowhen'). Being back to SSE, I'm currently (Nov/2018) investigating that issue. In the meantime, as a workaround, please console-disable the weird "grave tablet" (thanks 'morrowhen' and 'Brujoloco'). If you do not know how to do that, I can explain in a post.


- Obviously, Jokerine, for the original mod. And for the permission to let me convert it to SSE.
- Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67.
- FoodContainer and BookSets Resources by Blary.
- Berts Bits And Bobs by berticus0001.
- Strotis Castle Furniture Resource by Stroti and Tamira. 
- Ready Clutter and Furnishings 1.1 by Lilith.
- Painting resource for mods by jet4571.
- Morrowind Style Clutter and More by The_Funktasm.
- Resources for modders by Runspect.
- Bath Towels and Soap Resources by InsanitySorrow.
- Black bedding retexture and advice by Elianora.
- Screenshots used as paintings by Nikki.
- Bug fix by slygeezer.

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    The Lofty Loft SSE-以Thalmor为主题的房屋

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