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如何前往:沿着河木大门南侧的路过路标,就在距离道路10英尺的岩石海湾左侧,您会看到一扇标有“荒野”的小门。问题。如果您只是找不到门,或者门禁被植物区系遮盖或阻塞,请打开consol`并键入“ cow Nile 0 0”(不带引号),并确保将大写的Nile大写。如果您正确安装了所有组件,那将带您进入大金字塔的前端。


要求:Manny GT的夜间改装套件令人惊叹的灰色罩子。








权限:除非您询问我并同意,否则请不要复制或编辑我的世界并将其上传到其他任何地方。 (任何使用Manny模组中资产的东西都必须根据他的许可使用)


Ancient Egyptian Nile 

I have always wanted an ancient Egyptian setting mod in skyrim. This period in history to me is captivating. Even to the ancients (Rome, Greece) Egypt was already ancient. Cleopatra is closer in time to the space shuttle launch than she is to the building of the great pyramids which have existed for at least 4,500 years. This mod is the result of a desire to experience this enigmatic late bronze age environment in skyrim. Sadly I found a lack of any mods on this time/era for skyrim and this caused me to want to create my own. After coming across The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal by MannyGT and seeing his amazing buildings I knew I had to learn how to use the creation kit to make for myself the mod I always wanted. Using what I already know about retexturing I was able to create a historical themed Giza style pyramid/temple complex intersected by a tributary of the nile and surrounded by a city and mountains. After seeing people's interest in my new world setting I decided to share it and this is the result. I am sure I will add more to this and update it in the future. Since I decided to share this mod I have been inspired to make some major progress on it and as it stands now it is far more than I hoped for and for me, really captures the feeling of being in that ancient time. There are no quests or NPCs. At the moment this is mainly for immersion in Egypt themed antiquity and for screenshots and exploration. I have added alot of detail and tried to keep close to real Egyptian temple designs such as Luxor and Karnak. There are hidden chambers and tombs with great treasure and royal residences in the temples. The great pyramid even has chambers and interiors based loosely on historical designs. Keep in mind this is my first attempt at using creation kit. I hope you enjoy.

HOW TO GET THERE:  just down the road south of the gates of river wood past the signpost to the left in a cove of rocks 10 feet from the road you will see a small door marked "wilderness" See my last screenshots if you have any issues. If you just cannot find the door or it is covered or blocked by a flora mod you have open your consol ` and type  "cow Nile 0 0"  Without quote marks and make sure you capitalize Nile. If you have everything installed correctly that will take you right to the front of the great pyramid.

REQUIREMENTS: Manny GT's amazing gray cowl of nocturnal mod. 

INSTALLATION:Download and install the gray cowl mod FIRST then download and install the Nile mod. All my mod does is retex some of manny's items and uses his mod as the master file allowing a building set for my new world. If you want to play the gray cowl mod and don't like my historical textures simply uninstall my mod and all gray cowl textures will revert to normal. 

CREDITS: Huge thank you to MannyGt. this mod would not have been possible without his amazing gray cowl mod and the fantastic building blocks and meshes in it. As soon as I saw his mod I knew it was possible to create the world mod I always wanted. Please check his page out and endorse him.

These are some of my favorite documentaries on this period:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuUMe-43A3E&t=22s - amazing documentary which covers Egypt from 8,000bc to 30bc. Gives a great sense of Egypt's timeline and culture. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHYn4IDi19A&t=907s - This is on the Hittites and is a must watch. Covers the same time period this mod is set in and is one of my favorite historical docus of all time. 

Permissions: please DO NOT copy my world or edit it and upload it anywhere else unless you ask me and I Agree. (anything that uses assets from Manny's mod must also be used in accordance with his permissions)

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