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作者:Joseph Russell
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现在可以在Bethesda.net上使用! [PC] [XB1] [PS4]

当任务自动开始时,我讨厌它。不管是mod,DLC包,还是我们所谓的从Creation Club下载的东西,如果安装它会导致某个任务仅出现在我的日记中,我都不是粉丝。沉浸式破坏是其中之一。从CC中下载一些内容,然后突然我不得不接受我的角色听到了三个谣言并一口气收到了一封邮件-在地牢的底部,同样如此!

因此,我本人要自己纠正这种情况,并打算逐一处理Creation Club上的所有文件,以使任务能以更身临其境的方式开始,并进行我认为合适的其他改进。

安装此补丁程序后,在加载游戏时,“灵魂的坚定者”和“迅捷的箭”将不再自动启动,并且您将不会免费获得元素箭。取而代之的是,您第一次在Markarth遇到Calcelmo时,会从快递员那里收到“ Calcelmo的来信”,该信使公司开始“灵魂的坚定者”。此任务将正常进行,完成后,将向快递员发送“来自Calcelmo的说明”。阅读此内容将开始“像箭一样迅捷”。这样,我将两个任务捆绑在一起。


我强烈建议您不要在已安装了Arcane Archer Pack的保存文件上安装此修补程序。如果这样做,它不会破坏您的游戏,但是您不会从某些修复程序中受益,并且您可能会遇到异常的搜索行为。





我不是此修补程序依赖的Creation Club文件的原始作者。该补丁不受原始作者的任何形式,形式或形式的支持,并且是一个独立的mod,具有自己的责任和缺点。


确保已从Creation Club下载并安装了Arcane Archer Pack。




使用您的Mod Manager卸载补丁,或从“数据”文件夹中删除.esp文件。这应该可以安全地将我的所有更改恢复为原始状态。但是,通常,Skyrim不支持在播放过程中卸载mod,这是一种做法,应谨慎对待。



House Dres和Sulphur and Fire v2.0和v2.1更新(包括写作,配音和前传短篇小说)。



约瑟夫·罗素(Joseph Russell)的《写作补丁》(Writing Patches)-与这些补丁类似的一组补丁,专注于改善流行mod的写作。

Moon and Star WARZONES-突击攻击兼容性补丁-使MAS的Kagrenar可以通过安装WZ:AA进行物理访问。

Beyond Skyrim-Bruma WARZONES-突击攻击兼容性补丁-通过安装WZ:AA可以物理访问Beyond Skyrim的边界门。



Unofficial Creation Club Updates - Arcane Archer Pack

Now available on Bethesda.net! [PC] [XB1] [PS4]

I hate it when quests start automatically. Be it a mod, a DLC pack, or whatever we're calling the things you download from the Creation Club, if installing it causes a quest to just appear in my journal, I'm not a fan. It's immersion breaking, for one. Download a few things from the CC, and all of a sudden I have to accept that my character has heard three rumours and received a haul of mail in one go - while at the bottom of a dungeon, no less! 

I have therefore taken it upon myself to rectify the situation, and intend to work through all the files on the Creation Club one by one, making it so that the quests start in more immersive ways, as well as making any other improvements I see fit. 

With this patch installed, "Stealer of Souls" and "Swift as an Arrow" will no longer automatically start when you load the game, and you will not be gifted elemental arrows for free. Instead, once you have met Calcelmo in Markarth for the first time, you will receive the "Letter from Calcelmo" from the courier, which will start "Stealer of Souls". This quest will proceed normally, and on completion, the courier will be dispatched with a "Note from Calcelmo." Reading this will start "Swift as an Arrow." In this way, I have tied the two quests together into a loose chain.

Additionally, this update fixes the incorrect elemental damage applications from the exploding arrows and changes the effect of the "Soul Stealer Arrow" so that it matches its description - lethal hits cause a filled soul gem to be added to the target's inventory, rather than instantly killing any non-essential NPC.

I strongly recommend that you do not install this patch on a save file that has already been loaded with the Arcane Archer Pack installed. If you do, it won't break your game, but you won't benefit from some of the fixes and you may experience unusual quest behaviour.

Have all of the Creation Club content? Use my All-In-One Patch instead!


"Arcane Archer Pack" from the Creation Club


I am not the original author of the Creation Club file that this patch depends upon. This patch is not supported by the original author(s), in any way, shape or form, and is an independent mod with its own responsibilities and faults.


Make sure you have the Arcane Archer Pack downloaded and installed from the Creation Club.

Download and install the patch, preferably using NMM or MO.  If you want to do it manually, it should be as simple as dragging and dropping the .esp and script files into your "data" folder.



Uninstall the patch using your mod manager, or delete the .esp file from your "data" folder.  This should safely revert any of my changes back to vanilla.  However, as a rule, uninstallation of mods mid-play-through is not supported by Skyrim, and is a practice that should be viewed with considerable caution.   

Other Stuff I Do

Similar Unofficial Creation Club Updates for Ruin's Edge, Divine Crusader, Plague of the Dead, Arcane Accessories, Stendarr's Hammer, Chrysamere and Staff of Sheogorath.

v2.0 and v2.1 updates for House Dres and Sulfur and Fire (including writing, voice acting and prequel short stories).
Unofficial Mihail Monsters and Animals Patches - a group of patches to enhance and fix bugs in Mihailmods' creature mods.

Joseph Russell's Writing Patches - a group of patches similar to these that focus on improving the writing in popular mods.

Moon and Star WARZONES - Assault Attack Compatibility Patch - makes MAS' Kagrenar physically accessible with WZ:AA installed.

Beyond Skyrim - Bruma WARZONES - Assault Attack Compatibility Patch - makes Beyond Skyrim's border gate physically accessible with WZ:AA installed.

In addition to helping improve other modders' work, I'm a semi-professional writer in my spare time!  If you'd like to see some of my other stuff (short stories, books, blog posts etc.) then I'd absolutely love you to support me by checking out my website, or alternatively, if you're one of those wonderful people who'd like to help pay my rent, by buying a copy of my latest novel or taking a look at my Patreon!

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