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该mod旨在与Alternate Start一起使用,但这并不是硬性要求,并且有一个版本将其主要功能也集成到了普通游戏开始中。两种版本在各自的起始位置执行相同的操作;被遗弃的监狱或赫尔根要塞。两种版本均为ESP-lite,因此它们不会计入您的装载顺序


我起初只是打算在笔记中写一首简单的诗,但后来我有了一个更好的主意。死者遗留的钞票的灵感来自艾伦·摩尔(Valentine)的瓦莱丽·莱特(Valerie's Letter)的图画小说《仇杀》(V for Vendetta)。我经过深思熟虑地对其进行了调整,以适应游戏的情况,使我们的已故法师有了一些情感上的背景故事。


同样,在法师的清单中,您会发现我最初打算使用的那首诗的音符。我觉得这与您所给予的法术的神奇主题以及游戏本身的主题都很好。这首诗是玛丽·伊丽莎白·弗莱(Mary Elizabeth Fry)于1932年写的,是她唯一的著名作品。你可以在这里阅读它。




reddit用户/ u / Btbgfl向我解释了如何创建将咒语添加到玩家的任务。

艾伦·摩尔(Alan Moore)和大卫·劳埃德(David Lloyd)代表V字仇杀队(Vendetta)。

礼来(Lilly)和拉娜·沃卓斯基(Lana Wachowski)的电影改编作品,以及所有出色而富启发性的作品。


Nexus Mods社区坚守信念。



Remember how Oblivion started? you were a simple prisoner, for crimes unknown, with no expectations of release. But suddenly the Emperor himself shows up and sets you on a great quest, knowing that you are the only person to carry forth his dying wish. This mod intends to bring back some of that sense of epic circumstance to the beginning of a new playthrough in Skyrim.

I took some inspiration (and a script) from Optional Starting Spells. I always loved the idea behind the mod, but i had some other ideas about how to improve it to my own taste.

rather than putting several spell tomes into a prison cell (an odd place for spell tomes), I set out to find a way to give the player all of the basic, novice-level spells immersively, in a way that felt meaningful for the start of their story, a story that begins with an escaping prisoner.

This mod is intended to be used with Alternate Start, but it's not a hard requirement, and there is a version that integrates its main features into the vanilla game start as well. Both versions do the same thing, in their respective starting locations; the Abandoned Prison or Helgen Keep. Both versions are ESP-lite, so they will not count against your load order

So to begin our new story, a desperate prisoner finds the corpse of an unfortunate soul whose dying act was to give a gift to the next person imprisoned there. The mage used the last bit of their life force to imbue a note with the gift of arcane knowledge. These spells will aide you in your escape, but they are not the real gift. The real gift is something more.

I had initially just intended to put a simple poem in the note, but then i got a better idea. The note left by the deceased prisoner was inspired by Valerie's Letter in the graphic novel V for Vendetta, written by Alan Moore. I thoughtfully adapted it to fit the circumstances of the game, giving our deceased mage a bit of an emotional backstory.

If you're unfamiliar and you want to read the original version of Valerie's letter, here's the full transcript from the comic and from the movie.

also, in the mage's inventory, you will find a note with the poem i had initially intended to use. I felt that it went very well with both the magical themes of the spells you are given, and the themes of the game itself. This poem was written in 1932 by Mary Elizabeth Fry, and is her only known work. you can read it here.

special thanks:
srcanseco for Optional Starting Spells.
Arthmoor for Alternate Start.
reddit user /u/Btbgfl for explaining to me how to create the quest to add the spells to the player.
Alan Moore and David Lloyd for V for Vendetta.
Lilly and Lana Wachowski for the movie adaptaion, and all of their brilliant and inspiring work.
Bethesda for the game that keeps on giving.
The Nexus Mods community for keeping the faith.

"Every last inch..."

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