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寻找Helgi ...和Laelette - 休息大修

发布日期:2019-09-18 11:41:26
更新时间:2019-09-18 11:41:26
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我总是发现Laid to Rest是天际中最突出的任务之一。作为侦探故事的粉丝,我想通过在序列中添加更多的调查节拍来尝试充实它,使Hroggar和Thonnir更多地参与到任务中,并且玩家更多地参与他们的故事。我还想解决一些布局,技术和节奏主题,我觉得这些主题可以做得更好。



请在安装此mod之前创建手动保存。如果你想卸载,你将需要它。打包的安装程序将引导您完成选项并帮助您选择所需的修补程序。建议使用Mod Organizer 2或Vortex。所有插件都使用ESP-FE格式。

何时安装:为了充分利用此mod,最好在访问Morthal之前安装它。即使它还没有出现在你的日记中,任务“奠定休息”也是无形的。如果您去过Morthal,请使用〜键打开控制台并键入getstage ms14。如果它返回的值是1,10或20,那么你很高兴!如果它处于阶段30或更高阶段,您可能会在设置中看到一些错误和不一致。当你安装它时你进入的任务越远,它就会越多。





▪通过补丁支持Morthal(和Great Cities Merged),Morthal Overhall II和JK的Skyrim(仅限SSE合并版本)。

▪如果您使用的是草模型,强烈建议使用Landscape Modes for Grass Mods。加载后找到Helgi和Laelette。不需要其他补丁。

▪包含增强灯光和效果的补丁。在EnhancedLightsandFX.esp之后但在ELFXEnhancer.esp或ELFX之前加载此补丁 -  Hardcore.esp


▪完全支持Majestic Mountains。 Load Finding Helgi和Laelette最后。

▪与Morthal之路合作。不需要补丁;最后加载Finding Helgi和Laelette。

▪寻找Helgi和Laelette提供的改变类似于更好的探索目标和选择是你的。 Load Finding Helgi和Laelette最后。不需要补丁。


▪此mod与BUVARP / WARP不兼容。我打算去解决它。



▪如果没有Creation Kit Fixes,这个mod就不可行了。


▪带有Papyrus集成的Notepad ++是我首选的脚本编写方式。

▪我不想在没有Mod Organizer 2的虚拟文件系统的情况下进行模拟,以保持我的工作空间井然有序,以及备份/恢复功能让我疯狂地进行实验。






▪视频使用DaVinci Resolve进行编辑。

▪屏幕截图和视频中的Mods:Skyrim Re-Engaged EBN,Alternate Conversation Camera

Bethesda Game Studios的作者,级别和任务设计师。非官方天际特别版补丁团队中的每个人都可以修复此mod所依赖的错误。每个人都参与创建上面列出的任何工具。那些在Mods by Obscure on Discord中闲逛的人,在我想出这个mod的时候让我保持联系。每个人都下载,认可或评论我的任何其他mod。



I've always found Laid to Rest to be one of the stand-out quests in Skyrim.  As a fan of detective stories, I wanted to try to flesh it out by adding a few more investigative beats to the sequence, to make Hroggar and Thonnir more involved in the quest, and the player more involved in their stories. I also wanted to tackle some layout, technical, and pacing topics which I felt could make a good quest even better.

A detailed spoiler-heavy changelist is featured in the articles section. Here are the spoiler-light highlights.



Please create a manual save before installing this mod. You'll need it if you wish to uninstall. The packaged installer will walk you through your options and help you select the needed patches.  Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex is recommended. All plugins use the ESP-FE format.

When to install: To get the most out of this mod, it is best to install it before you've visited Morthal. The quest "Laid to Rest" is invisibly active even if it has not yet appeared in your journal. If you have been to Morthal, open the console with the ~ key and type getstage ms14. If the value it returns is 1, 10, or 20, then you're good to go! If it's at stage 30 or higher, you may see some bugs and inconsistencies in the setup. The farther you are into the quest when you install it, the more buggy it will be.

When to uninstall: As this mod deals with quest scripts with assigned properties which begin to run as soon as you launch the game, uninstallation will have unpredictable results. It creates new permanent references which will stay in your save game even after the mod is uninstalled. For best results, if you change your mind, revert to the manual save before you installed it.

▪ The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch for all of the fixes it provides
▪ The Great City of Morthal (and The Great Cities Merged), Morthal Overhall II, and JK's Skyrim (SSE Merged Version only) are supported via patches.
▪ If you're using a grass mod, Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods is highly recommended. Load Finding Helgi and Laelette after it. No other patch is needed.
▪ A patch for Enhanced Lights and Effects is included. Load this patch after EnhancedLightsandFX.esp but before ELFXEnhancer.esp or ELFX - Hardcore.esp
Load Order:
▪ Majestic Mountains is fully supported. Load Finding Helgi and Laelette last.
▪ Works with The Road to Morthal. No patch is needed; just load Finding Helgi and Laelette last.
▪ Finding Helgi and Laelette offers changes similar to both Even Better Quest Objectives and The Choice is Yours. Load Finding Helgi and Laelette last. No patch is needed.
▪ This mod is not compatible with BUVARP / WARP. I'm going to look into solving it.
Other Notes:
▪ This mod features no edits to any NPC, so you should be able to use any NPC appearance overhaul (including children overhauls) with no face bugs.

▪ Making this mod wouldn't have been feasible without Creation Kit Fixes.
▪ In addition to its global invaluable functionality, SSEEdit's ability to spot errors in record edits ensured that this mod could actually be released.
▪ Notepad++ with Papyrus Integration is my preferred way to script.
▪ I would not want to mod without Mod Organizer 2's virtual file system to keep my workspace organized, and backup/restore features to let me experiment wildly.
▪ AgentRansack helped me find where any property, variable, or function was referenced anywhere in the vanilla or USSEP scripts in seconds.
▪ Baretail allows for real-time papyrus logging for "trace" comments, so you can quickly test and debug your scripts.
▪ The Voice Reference Tool makes it possible to find any spoken word or phrase anywhere in Skyrim instantly, and then export the line in various formats.
▪ I use Audacity to edit existing dialogue lines into new ones.
▪ Yakitori Audio Converter gets the new lines ready to use after they've been edited and lip files generated.
▪ The videos were edited using DaVinci Resolve.
▪ Mods featured in the screenshots and videos: Skyrim Re-Engaged EBN, Alternate Conversation Camera

The authors, level, and quest designers of Laid to Rest at Bethesda Game Studios. Everyone on the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch team for the bug fixes this mod relies on. Everyone who's had any hand in creating any of the tools listed above. The folks who hang out in Mods by Obscure on Discord and kept me company while I figured this mod out. Everyone who's downloaded, endorsed, or commented on any of my other mods.

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    寻找Helgi ...和Laelette - 休息大修

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