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作者:Joshwatt1998-Joshwatt98-Same Person ME
发布日期:2019-08-29 23:10:53
更新时间:2019-08-29 23:10:53
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共有4名女性和3名男性,名单由“Charlene”组成,他们穿着正常的衣服,但是她的匕首和独特的咒语无情地灼烧,同时也消耗了健康和耐力,只有她或通过控制台可用命令。 “Maria”The Blonde Ranger非常精通使用她的弓和匕首,每个都有自己独特的魅力。 “杰克逊”是贵族的2H坦克,他非常精通两个摆动他特别伪造的大剑,他非常喜欢它,甚至有他自己的魅力,他让Farangar为他制造。 “Stefan”他是一个吸血鬼,不会杀死Tamriel的居民或喝他们的血,他是一个非常强大的火法师,在他转身之前他现在是一个吸血鬼,他比以前更加强大,他喜欢他的蜂蜜酒。 “苏珊”性感但不那么甜蜜的罪犯喜欢硬币的味道,特别是其他人,她是一个非常熟练的小偷,并且是一个出色的刺客,因为她的偷偷摸摸的技能几乎永远不会让你抓住,更不用说她对她有强大的刺,非常精通打开锁和使用她的刀帮助她的朋友,无论敌人。 “Allison”过去常常在荒野中度过她的生活,直到不久前她用她出色的射箭和匕首技能击中了一个大分,追踪了一大群动物,然后她在那里卖了毛皮和过多的肉,现在她花了她的钱在天际最高贵的人中间。最后“Derek”他身材高大他是黑暗的他需要刮胡子他对剑,战斧,狼牙棒和匕首非常精通他所知道如何使用的任何单手武器,因为他的老权威和冒险他节省了足够的钱来拥有自己的黑檀木盔甲,并在Skyrim最好的一些生活中孤独地生活。


Charlene:沉睡的巨人旅馆 -  Whiterun  -  Riverwood。

玛丽亚:沉睡的巨人旅馆 -  Whiterun  -  Riverwood。

杰克逊:Dragon's Reach Palace  -  Whiterun  -  Whiterun

Stefan:Bannered Mare  -  Whiterun  -  Whiterun

苏珊:衣衫褴褛的旗帜 - 蓄水池/盗贼公会 - 裂谷 - 里夫滕

Derek:眨眼的Skeever  -  Haafinger  -  Solitude

Allison:The Winking Skeever  -  Haafinger  -  Solitude






This Mod Includes 7 New NPC's that can be used in game as followers.im pretty sure they can all be married but I am not to sure anyways they are all of different backgrounds proficient in many different skills and weapons, which character and class determines which ones they are good at.

There are a Total of 4 females and 3 Males, The roster consists of "Charlene" the badass Vanguard wearing normal clothes but ruthless with her dagger and unique spell which burns as well as drains both health and stamina, only available to her or through console commands. "Maria" The Blonde Ranger very proficient in using her bow and dagger each with there own unique enchantment. "Jackson" the 2H Tank of nobility he is very proficient when it comes two swinging his specially forged great sword he loves it that much he even has his own enchantment which he got Farangar to make for him. "Stefan" he is a vampire who doesn't kill the inhabitants of Tamriel or drink their blood, he was a very powerful fire mage before he got turned now he is a Vampire he is even more powerful than before, he loves his mead. "Susan" the sexy but not so sweet criminal who loves the smell of coin especially other peoples she is a very skilled thief and makes an excellent assassin as her sneaky skills can almost never get you caught not to mention that powerful stab she has on her, very proficient at opening locks and using her knife to help her friends regardless the foe. "Allison" used to live her life in the wilderness until not so long ago she hit a big score using her remarkable Archery and dagger skills she hunted down and tracked a big group of animals she then sold there pelts and excessive meat now she spends her time amongst the most noble people of Skyrim. and lastly "Derek" he is tall he is dark and he needs a shave he is very proficient when it comes to swords, war axes, maces and daggers any single handed weapon he knows how to use, due to his old authority and adventuring he saved enough money to own his own ebony set of armour and live in solitude amongst some of Skyrim's finest.


Charlene: The Sleeping Giant Inn - Whiterun - Riverwood.
Maria: The Sleeping Giant Inn - Whiterun - Riverwood.
Jackson: Dragon's Reach Palace - Whiterun - Whiterun
Stefan: The Bannered Mare - Whiterun - Whiterun
Susan: The Ragged Flagon - Cistern/Thieves Guild - The Rift - Riften
Derek: The Winking Skeever - Haafinger - Solitude
Allison: The Winking Skeever - Haafinger - Solitude

What I hope for the future of the mod. I hope that I will learn all the tools and all the requirements to make mods and facial textures as well as new textures such as eyes and hair custom weapons wider range of custom spells. on top of this I also hope to come up with more exciting backstory's new characters and quests to go with if anyone on the community could point me in the right direction for Custom weapons, Custom textures custom quests even voice acted I would very much appreciate it thank you.

Endorse for more 

This mod is being Reinstated as a project and updates will soon come. Thanks to the original followers of this mod for sticking by so long and Welcome to any New Patrons this mod will See :D I am still fairly new at this so give me time please ,Thanks again

Just drop a comment in the comments section or send me a personal message of videos guides and how to's to help me grasp more about making new mods and adding my own custom voices, textures, armours, weapons ,quests interactions and so on it would help not only me but you guys too thanks.

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