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该mod创建了8个列表。 LSpellWEConjurerLeftHandNovice,Apprentice,Adept和Expert。用右手施放的法术也是如此。左手前往Thalmor和Forsworn,右手前往Conjurers,听起来不是很多,但他们被一些公平的敌人用作基地。




当我是一个崭露头角的模仿者时,我就是这样做的,他喜欢泰姆瑞尔的野兽,天际沉浸的生物和D.E.R.P.确实如此,但却讨厌那些与他们各方面有关的传奇故事。因此,我决定为自己制作单独的生物模型。在我们到达达德拉之前,这一切都很好,很花哨。我喜欢香草天际,我是一个平衡的坚持者,所以我不想使用产卵点或强迫它们在我不想要的任何地方。应该遇到大多数Daedra,因为有人召唤他们。因此,我不得不关注模板在游戏中的工作方式 - 这很容易理解,但对于一些初学者来说并非如此。我不看Rick和Morty。我最终了解了它并认为这个非侵入式列表系统对我来说是一个很好的方式来添加我想要的任何法术游戏。



The image should say 'inability'. I think it took 20 seconds and three brain cells to make, though, so forgive that logical inconsistency. Anyway, on with the description!

Pretty simple esp that creates several levelled lists for you to put in Novice to Expert level Conjuration spells that will allow levelled enemies you encounter to then cast those spells. 
The same has been done for scrolls, but only so that they will show up as loot on Conjurers. 

The mod creates 8 lists. LSpellWEConjurerLeftHandNovice, Apprentice, Adept, and Expert. The same has been done for spells cast with the right hand. Left hand goes to Thalmor and Forsworn and the right hand goes to Conjurers, which doesn't sound like much, but they are used by a fair few levelled enemies as a base.

You simply create your Conjuration spell, create a left and right hand version of these spells, and then pop them in whatever list you feel is power appropriate for the spell. Bob's your uncle all the way until the cows come home after that.

Similarly. you'll find 5 levelled lists called LItemScrollsTemplate, Novice, Apprentice, Adept, and Expert. Scrolls, or anything for that matter, put in these lists will show up as loot on Conjurers.

It's super simple and I don't reckon there'll be any be any trouble unless you specifically try to conjure it so by doing weird stuff. 

I made this when I was a budding modder who liked what Beasts of Tamriel, Skyrim Immersive Creatures, and D.E.R.P. did, but hated the lore-unfriendly, game-crashing faff that came about with various aspects of them. As such, I decided I would just make individual creature mods for myself. This was all fine and dandy until we got to the Daedra. I like Vanilla Skyrim, and I'm a stickler for balance, so I didn't want to use spawn points or force them anywhere I didn't want them to be. Most Daedra should be encountered because someone summoned them. So, I had to wrap my head around how the templates worked in the game - it's very easy to understand, but not so much for some beginners. I don't watch Rick and Morty.  I eventually got my head around it and thought this non-intrusive list system is a great way for me to add whatever spells I want to the game. 

This is more designed for beginners, it will help point them in the right direction of levelled list editing and how to work through what may, at first, seem like a maze of npcs in the CK. It's far from expansive, covers little, but it'll get you there. Using SSEEdit, I tend to copy the lists as an override into whatever creature mod I have made and add them that way, thus using the esp as a master. It works. A lot of improvements could be made, but I'm lazy and this is meant as a starting point. Do whatever you want with it. I might actually improve it at some point as an homage to what got me started in modding.

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