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身形编辑器和模型编辑器v4.7.1汉化版(BodySlide and Outfit Studio)

发布日期:2019-05-07 13:45:11
更新时间:2019-05-07 14:24:53
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作者:Ousnius and Caliente





BodySlide (身形编辑器)





Outfit Studio(模型编辑器)






使用Mod Organizer安装

像使用任何其他mod一样,将文件安装到Mod Organizer里面。


转到MO右侧的“数据”选项卡,然后导航到“CalienteTools / BodySlide / BodySlide x64.exe”。

右键单击“BodySlide x64.exe” - >添加为可执行文件(确保它是64位的!)。


使用Nexus Mod Manager安装

将文件安装到Nexus Mod Manager,就跟其他mod一样,直接启用即可。








在“目标”字段中,从游戏的真实数据文件夹(即“Data / CalienteTools / BodySlide”文件夹)中选择BodySlide可执行文件。

















BodySlide is constantly evolving, bringing an enormous list of new features. Unprecedented flexibility coupled with marvelous ease of use allows you to have all the outfits you've ever dreamed of.

<< Check out the official documentation and guides here on the Wiki >>


An easy way to customize outfits and bodies without the need to edit mesh files!

Use sliders to create your personal shapes.

New and improved user interface for a more enjoyable experience!

Fancy outfit filtering quickly shows you the outfits you want, while the textured preview windows show you what you are going to get.

Outfit Studio

The power of an experienced modder is now in your hands!

Convert outfits between bodies, create your own BodySlide sliders, correct animation weights and edit meshes otherwise.

If you know what you're doing, you can even edit static meshes.

Import and export .FBX, .OBJ and .NIF meshes.

Barely any previous modding experience required.

GitHub Repository


Source code and similar things (GPLv3+ license).

Here's a video tutorial by Gopher on how to install body mods and BodySlide with the Nexus Mod Manager.
Made for Fallout 4, but works for Skyrim as well.


Simply download the file and extract the options you want into your Data folder using 7-zip.

Make sure the structure is correct: Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide.

After you're done, the executable can be found in the "Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide" folder.

Mod Organizer

Install the archive to Mod Organizer like you would do with any other mod.

Enable the mod and make sure it is loaded after your body mod(s) but before all BodySlide addons.

Go to the "Data" tab to the right of MO and navigate to "CalienteTools/BodySlide/BodySlide x64.exe".

Right-click "BodySlide x64.exe" -> Add as executable (make sure it's the 64-bit one!).

Choose "BodySlide" in your executable list and always run it from here.

Nexus Mod Manager

Install the archive to Nexus Mod Manager like you would do with any other mod and enable it.

Under the "Supported Tools" drop down at the top of NMM, configure/launch BodySlide and always run it from there.

If NMM didn't find the BodySlide folder by itself, you have to select the BodySlide folder within your game's Steam folder yourself (right-click).

IMPORTANT: Do NOT select the virtual install BodySlide folder of NMM, select the one in the real game folder of Steam!

Install any BodySlide addons to NMM as well.


Download and install the archive to Vortex like you would do with any other mod and enable it.

In the dashboard go to "Add Tool".

In the "Target" field, choose BodySlide executable from your game's real data folder, aka the "Data/CalienteTools/BodySlide" folder.

Install any BodySlide addons to Vortex as well.

GIF of the process

You can uninstall old/install new, or just install the new files and overwrite if prompted. Just be sure to back up your personal presets/groups/bodies/outfits in the SliderSets/SliderPresets/ShapeData/SliderGroups folders so they don't get deleted, whether by accident or buggy mod manager.

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-

Touched by Dibella

Q: If I have an issue, what would you suggest I do before anything (including posting questions)?
A: Read the mod des cription, especially the FAQ. Read the stickies. Launch SSE with the Steam launcher if you usually only use SKSE64.  Reinstall BodySlide. Install BodySlide manually if your mod manager of choice fails to do its main purpose.

Q1: Does this work with [insert body type here] or is it just CBBE?
A: It works with any body or outfit. However, conversion between body types require conversion slider sets (see below).

Q2: I created a nude body, but when I batch-built the outfits, everyone suddenly has underwear! How do I fix it?
A: When you batch-build, only select what you actually want. If you don't want an underwear body to overwrite your nude one, don't have it selected. You can use the group filter of BodySlide by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top.

Q3: BodySlide fails to create the bodies I make. How can I get the meshes installed?
A: Make your changes to the sliders, and then CTRL+Click the 'Build' button. The femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif will then appear in the BodySlide folder. You will need to copy these to your Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/ directory, and allow any overwrites. You also may need to copy these elsewhere if you use a standalone race/follower mod, so consult that mod's des cription/readme.

Q4: Is there a Conversion Set for [Body A] to [Body B]?
A: Since each body is different, each pair of body types requires its own conversion slider. Several conversion sets have been made already, but since we have limited time, not all possible body types have been addressed. Creating a conversion set is fairly easy, and in many cases doesn't require mesh editing. Look for tutorials on this topic for more information.

Q5: Why is CBBE used in all the bundled conversion sets?
A: There are a few reasons for this. Primarily, the flexibility of the CBBE body with the large number of customization sliders makes it possible to match most body shapes without mesh editing. Small adjustments can be made swiftly within Outfit Studio.

Additionally, we use CBBE as a bridge. Creating a "Body->CBBE" conversion automatically allows us to then use a "CBBE->Other Body" slider that has already been created, saving lots of time. Due to these reasons, we recommend that others creating their own conversion sets also use CBBE as a bridge, but there is no technical reason why any body mesh can't be used in the conversion set.

Q6: NifSkope does not show my exported meshes! How to fix?
A: Sometimes, Outfit Studio does not apply any weights to some vertices because they are too far off from the reference shape. It should tell you about it in a warning when attempting to save a project or export a mesh.

To fix, use the "Mask Weighted Vertices" feature and the weight brush to paint weights on the unmasked parts. After that, NifSkope shows the .nif again and the unweighted vertices show up in-game.

Q7: I set the wrong build path in Outfit Studio when saving a slider set. How do I change it now?
A: Open up the "SliderSets/*.xml" file you saved with your conversion in a text editor and adjust the output path to be the correct one, then save.

Q8: The meshes in my preview windows have a black mask all over them saying "no image". How do I make the right textures appear?
A: You need the outfit and body textures installed in your Data directory. You also need to launch Skyrim from the default/Steam launcher to sort out the registry, or manually set the directory to point to Skyrim Special Edition/Data through the 'Settings' button. Only then BS/OS will be able to find and load the textures.

Q9: Why do I get an error saying "Failed to find game install" or "Failed to load Setup.xrc file."?
A: Registry isn't set, or BodySlide wasn't installed properly. Launch Skyrim using the Steam launcher instead of SKSE to fix the registry, and try launching BodySlide again. If it still doesn't work, make sure all the files are installed correctly and you're running it as admin. If setting the directory manually, through the 'Settings' button, ensure it's pointing to Skyrim Special Edition/Data. Try downloading and installing the mod with all anti-virus software disabled. If you're using NMM, make sure you're using the latest files from GitHub.
Note that Vortex/MO aren't perfect and may not install all of the files, especially Setup.xrc. If so, you may have to install manually.

Q10: Why does the FBX import create weird texture coordinates?
A: You have to split all edges of your mesh along the UV seams. The NIF format only supports one texture coordinate per vertex, so UV seams need duplicated vertices.

Q11: Why do I get an error saying "OpenGL context is not OK" for Outfit Studio or the preview window?
A: This means the driver of the graphics chip used doesn't support the version of OpenGL that's required. Make sure to update all of your graphics drivers (manually). In case there are multiple graphics chips built into your PC, set BodySlide to run with the dedicated one only.

Uninstalling BodySlide is as simple as deleting the BodySlide folder you originally extracted, or removing it using NMM. Make sure you backup any presets or edited files you've made with Outfit Studio. Mod managers should leave such files alone.

Removing outfit files created with BodySlide involves deleting the appropriate meshes within the "Data/meshes" directory - but only you know which ones those might be.


Version 4.7.1

- BodySlide: Added an optional output path setting for builds.

- Outfit Studio: Limit bones per partition to 80 for SSE.

- Outfit Studio: Inject new bone nodes into the right position of the hierarchy.

- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash when adding a shape while in segment mode.

- Outfit Studio: Fixed move and scale menus marking all vertices as modified in slider edit.

- Outfit Studio: Refresh only affected meshes on mirror or UV inversion.

- Outfit Studio: Added a new conversion reference "FO4 CBBE To SSE CBBE".

Version 4.7.0

- BodySlide: Fixed low weight checkbox of zaps not applying to batch builds. 
- BodySlide: Prevent progress bar lockups during batch build. 
- Outfit Studio: Added a pivot mode that shows a point that can be moved and makes it the center of mesh operations like rotation and scale. 
- Outfit Studio: Added mirroring of meshes on the XYZ axis. 
- Outfit Studio: Added 'Add Project' feature that merges shapes and slider data into the current project. 
- Outfit Studio: Added new tab 'Colors' for editing vertex colors and vertex alpha when enabled on the shape.

Version 4.6.2

- BodySlide: UV morphs now get stored in TRI files for RaceMenu SE in-game morphing. 
- Outfit Studio: Prevent the creation of multiple sliders with the same name.

Version 4.6.1

- BodySlide: Show 'Build Morphs' checkbox for SSE (RaceMenu BodyMorph). 
- Outfit Studio: Mask brush now sets the mask to values of 0 or 1 only (fully unmasked or masked). 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash by reloading partitions/segments after deleting/separating vertices. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed cursor/brush collision with mesh in certain cases (hidden meshes, multi select). 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed not being able to use the mask/weight brush when slider values are set.

Version 4.6.0

- BodySlide: Added a button located next to the outfit name for loading a project directly into a new Outfit Studio process. 
- BodySlide: Double-clicking entries in the group manager now moves them into or out of the selected group. 
- Outfit Studio: Implemented a new "Mask Less/More" feature under the "Tool" menu (hotkeys are A and D) for decreasing or increasing the current mask. This works the same as "Select Less/More" in Blender or "Shrink/Grow" in 3ds Max. 
- Outfit Studio: Default values of zaps are now set up with a checkbox in the slider properties dialog, instead of two value fields. 
- Outfit Studio: Deleting a slider now clears the slider toggles with it as well. Previously the toggle data was kept. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed OBJ import not loading all types of group setups correctly. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed OBJ import merging vertices by UVs/normals the wrong way. Meshes should keep their hard and smooth edges correctly now. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed issues with importing meshes from OBJ/FBX that exceed max vertex/triangle counts. Instead, an empty mesh is created now. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash when exporting OBJ without vertices, UVs or normals. 
- Outfit Studio: OBJ export now sets a default smoothing group for loading into Blender. 
- Outfit Studio: Implemented a "Shape -> Lock Normals" toggle to keep mesh normals intact during both OS and BS. Outfit Studio makes sure not to smooth normals before they can be locked. This is useful for meshes where keeping custom normals is absolutely needed. This toggle is saved to the project files. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed smooth/lock normals toggles not saving if a shape had no slider data to it. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed partitions tab showing colors of last selected bone. 
- Outfit Studio: Eliminated the need for blank skeletons (the SkeletonBlank_*.nif files). 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed loading OBJ into empty project adding bogus bones. These came from the blank skeleton files that were loaded into the project behind the hood.

Version 4.5.4

- General: Added Skyrim VR as a target game. 
- General: Fixed more Unicode conversion issues with shape and slider names. 
- General: Fixed crash when choosing FO4 cloth data with Unicode characters in the path. 
- General: Fixed warning with certain monitors due to ICC profile present in the OutfitStudio.png file. 
- Outfit Studio: Fill default partition correctly when creating skinning. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixes for bones/weights sometimes not being deleted from the NIF correctly.

Version 4.5.3

- General: Fixed slider data not loading when one of multiple OSD files isn't found. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed 'merge sliders' sometimes not adding slider data when loading references. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed enter key activating the offset button in the 'Move Shape' dialog. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash when adding or cloning shapes without shader properties.

Version 4.5.2

- General: Fixed issue that caused new textures to not appear (changing material or texture). 
- General: Strings from NIFs above the maximum string index are loaded properly now. 
- General: Enabled crash reports that go to the temp folder. 
- Outfit Studio: Creating skinning now adds a default partition (FO3NV/SK/SSE). 
- Outfit Studio: "Clear Slider Data" and "Delete Slider" now works on all selected sliders. 
- Outfit Studio: Allow hidden sliders to be selected for toggles in the slider properties. 
- Outfit Studio: Added Behemoth segment types to the selection (FO4).

Version 4.5.1

- General: Fixed depth buffer not working in previews for AMD drivers (bug in v4.5).

Version 4.5

- SSE: Added new conversion references for UNP/UNPB to CBBE SSE. 
- General: Separated BodySlide and Outfit Studio into their own executable files. 
- General: Fix attempt for previews not working for users with HDR monitors. 
- General: Better handling for NIF files without any root nodes. 
- BodySlide: Presets without any changed sliders now load and save regardless. 
- BodySlide: "Refresh Outfits" now reloads the currently active outfit as well. 
- Outfit Studio: .osp and .nif files can be loaded directly into OS now ("Open With" in Windows Explorer). 
- Outfit Studio: Reload shader/materials/textures when closing the shape properties dialog. 
- Outfit Studio: Allow toggling the visibility state of multiple selected shapes at once. 
- Outfit Studio: NiFloatExtraData blocks can be edited and added in the shape properties now. 
- Outfit Studio: Don't refresh shape list when deleting vertices or inverting UVs anymore. 
- Outfit Studio: Ignore vertex weights of 0.0 when loading NIFs using NiSkinData (FO3NV/SK/SSE).

Version 4.4.2

- General: Fixed crash when attempting to load sliders without actual data. 
- BodySlide: Outfit and preset selection is now sorted by alphabet instead of per file. 
- Outfit Studio: Changed "Set Base Shape" to also apply to the base shape itself and keep slider data. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed segment type selection in the segments tab (FO4). 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed default partition for OBJ import of NiTriShape (Oldrim, FO3NV).

Version 4.4.1

- General: Added FO4 VR as a target game entry. 
- General: Improved rendering performance by reducing string operations. 
- General: Slider data (e.g. Load Project) loads two times as fast now. 
- General: Textures from BA2 archives are now decompressed 25 times as fast as before (FO4). 
- General: The "Specular" flag in material files is now properly read for rendering (FO4). 
- General: Fixed handling for NIF files without a root node at index 0. 
- General: Mesh normals are removed from NIFs with model space maps instead of ones skin tint now. 
- General: Fixed shape order for rigged FO3/NV meshes (FO3/NV). 
- General: Fixed partition flags for FO3/NV meat caps (FO3/NV). 
- General: Files with names that use UTF-16 characters can now be loaded. 
- General: All XML files are now saved and loaded with UTF-8 encoding. 
- IMPORTANT: Files with encoding that isn't UTF-8 HAVE TO be re-encoded to UTF-8 manually using Notepad++. This is often the case for files that include Chinese characters and were saved on Chinese computers. Starting now, future saved files will all be in UTF-8 by default. 
- Outfit Studio: Added proper list of segment names to segments tab (FO4). 
- Outfit Studio: Added new shortcut CTRL+E for "Export NIF". 
- Outfit Studio: Added new shortcut CTRL+ALT+E for "Export NIF with reference". 
- Outfit Studio: "Unweighted Vertices" dialog now says which shapes are affected. 
- Outfit Studio: Duplicating a shape now selects the new shape. 
- Outfit Studio: Now shows an error when trying to copy weights without a reference.

Version 4.4

- General: Invalid triangles in NIF files are now removed on load. 
- General: The "Smooth Seam Normals" toggle is now stored in project files. 
- General: Reduced the mesh color variation brightness with textures turned off. 
- General: Fixed alpha blending for the alpha value in shaders. 
- General: Fixed loading material files not beginning with "materials" (FO4). 
- General: Uncompressed general (GNRL) BA2 archives can now be loaded (FO4). 
- General: BC4 and SRGB DDS texture files can now be loaded from DX10 BA2 archives (FO4). 
- BodySlide: Added button to delete single entries from project/preset files. 
- BodySlide: Note that deleting entries won't delete their NIF or OSD files. 
- BodySlide: Added a save prompt to the group manager. 
- Outfit Studio: Now always keeps all slider data when renaming shapes. 
- Outfit Studio: Added the current project name to the window title. 
- Outfit Studio: Automatically create skinning when copying weights to static meshes. 
- Outfit Studio: Refactored the way the weight brush operates and fixed weight cache. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed bone/weight assignment for new bone entries. 
- Outfit Studio: FBX import uses the bone transforms of the current reference shape now. 
- Outfit Studio: NiTriStrips(Data) blocks are always converted to NiTriShape(Data) now. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed a few crash issues with NiTriStrips(Data) with this conversion. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash when dropping invalid files onto sliders. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash when dragging the visible icon instead of the shape entry. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed triangle order for OBJ slider import with certain meshes. 
- Outfit Studio: Renaming shapes doesn't drop the loaded textures any longer.

Version 4.3.4

- General: NIF files now have their blocks sorted correctly (nodes before shapes). 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash when using connected-only mode of brushes and more. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash when setting reference after renaming it.

Version 4.3.3

- Outfit Studio: Fixed conforming not working on shapes that have transforms (bug in 4.3.2). 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash when toggling Sub Index in the shape properties.

Version 4.3.2

- General: All new shaders for FO4 that support normal, specular, glowmaps and more. 
- General: Added cubemap/environment map rendering and soft lighting for all games. 
- General: Fixed alpha channel of BC7 texture files not rendering due to third party library. 
- General: Added 16x MSAA as the default (previously 8x). Fallbacks of 8x/4x/no AA still exist. 
- General: Node and shape transforms are now used in the renderer, mostly useful for static meshes. 
- General: Fixed a bug where closing the preview broke the OS rendering or viceversa. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash when entering slider edit after "Make Conversion Reference". 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash when clearing project while partitions tab is active. 
- Outfit Studio: Duplicating a shape now keeps the same parent within the same NIF. 
- Outfit Studio: Meshes in OBJ files with both group and object aren't loaded twice anymore. 
- Outfit Studio: FBX import now finds meshes that aren't under the root node of the file. 
- Outfit Studio: Prevent unnecessary normals on SK/SSE face tinted meshes after export. 
- Outfit Studio: Clear parallax texture paths and flags for SSE optimization. 
- Misc: Filled the blacklist of BSA archives for FO3 and FONV in the config. 
- Misc: Lots of code refactoring for stability improvements.

Version 4.3.1

- General: Fixed handling of block pointers, which could corrupt links in NIF files. 
- General: Make triangle deletion for NiTriShapeData/NiTriStripsData work again, which caused crashes (Oldrim, FO3NV).

Version 4.3

- General: Added a customizable renderer background color to the settings. 
- General: Fixed triangle deletion (e.g. zaps) for SSE. 
- General: Reset BSMeshLODTriShape to a default LOD size after removing triangles (FO4). 
- General: Increased far clip distance from 100 to 1000 for rendering larger meshes (matches Blender default). 
- General: Lots of code refactoring with stability improvements. 
- BodySlide: Last preview window position and size is now stored in the config file. 
- BodySlide: Fixed already default slider values being saved to presets regardless. 
- BodySlide: Allow extended selection for the checkboxes in the batch build and settings dialogs. 
- Outfit Studio: Pressing the DEL key lets you delete a slider currently in edit mode. 
- Outfit Studio: Renaming both shapes and sliders now keeps all slider data intact. 
- Outfit Studio: Loading existing projects now keeps the original shape order including reference. 
- Outfit Studio: Added 'Sub Index' toggle between BSTriShape and BSSubIndexTriShape (FO4). 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash when choosing a single texture in the 'Load Outfit' dialog. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed loading of loose texture files after assigning them in the shape properties. 
- Outfit Studio: Now always zeroes all sliders before applying a loaded preset. 
- Outfit Studio: Increased scroll rate of the slider view. 
- Outfit Studio: Current width of the slider panel is stored in the config now.

Version 4.2.3

- General: Updated Chinese and German translations. 
- General: Fixed vertex deletion for SSE meshes. 
- General: Disabled loading the BA2 archives of the FO4 texture pack. You can enable it in the settings. 
- BodySlide: Fixed zap toggle feature for Skyrim and SSE. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed OBJ export for faces with and without UV maps. 
- Outfit Studio: Now keeps previously local slider data when merging references. 
- Outfit Studio: Remove empty skin partitions when applying them. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed skin partitions when exporting only right-click-selected shapes to NIF. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed error message on OBJ export with one shape (just the message appeared wrong).

Version 4.2.2

- General: Implemented a language selection in the settings dialog. 
- General: Fixed meshes with connect points getting corrupted on save in both BS and OS (FO4). 
- Outfit Studio: Added 'Delete Vertices' feature for deleting unmasked vertices directly in OS. 
- For BodySlide projects that need parts of the body removed, a zap is still the preferred non-destructible method. 
- Outfit Studio: Added 'Separate Vertices' feature for splitting up one shape into two using a mask. 
- Outfit Studio: 'File -> Import -> From NIF/OBJ/FBX...' can import multiple files at once now. 
- Outfit Studio: 'File -> Export -> To NIF/OBJ/FBX...' now export all shapes of the project into one file. 
- Outfit Studio: You can now export only the currently selected shapes to one NIF/OBJ/FBX file via right-click. 
- Outfit Studio: 'Merge sliders' when loading a ref now works as intended (replaces ref, adds sliders). 
- Outfit Studio: Allow unsetting or directly deleting the reference shape. 
- Outfit Studio: Added 'File -> Unload Project' menu item. 
- Outfit Studio: Duplicating a shape now also copies its controllers and interpolators with it. 
- Outfit Studio: Any unreferenced blocks are now deleted on NIF export. 
- Outfit Studio: Handle NiSkinData properly when it has vertex weights turned off. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed some triangle index comparisons when updating skin partitions or segments. 
- Outfit Studio: Meshes can now be changed to full precision even without having normals/tangents (FO4). 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed a visual bug where deleted shapes would stay visible until the next frame.

Version 4.2.1

- General: Fixed crash when loading textures in the ATI2 format (often FO4 normal maps). 
- General: Fixed invisibility issues in the rendering for AMD drivers by temporarily disabling cubemaps. 
- General: Fixed some buffer issues when loading textures from BSA archives (SK). 
- General: Fixed wrong rendering when adding a new mesh while textures or lighting were disabled. 
- BodySlide: Now sets the consistency type to mutable for all meshes built with morphs enabled (SK).

Version 4.2

- General: Rewritten all shaders to make use of normal and specular maps for a more accurate and detailed preview. 
- General: New lighting with three directional lights, one frontal light and an ambient factor. 
- General: Only Skyrim preview renders normal and specular maps right now. FO4 has the new lights. 
- General: Improved alpha rendering. The blending/testing modes and threshold are now taken into account. 
- General: UV offset/scale properties are now taken into account in the shaders. 
- General: Fixed crash related to NiTriStripsData when calculating normals. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed copying extra data and collision references properly when copying a shape. 
- Outfit Studio: Increased size of the "Load Preset" dialog and made it re-sizable. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed crash for meshes without vertices/triangles. 
- Outfit Studio: Fixed minor issue related to NIF files of versions prior to SK.

Version 4.1.3

- General: Fixed texture path correction for some very rare cases. 
- General: Improved quality of normal smoothing on meshes. Not customizable just yet. 
- BodySlide: Made group selection in the group manager more clear (disabling panels). 
- Outfit Studio: Improved SK -> SSE NIF optimization stability. 
- Outfit Studio: Duplicating a shape is faster now when there are many loaded.

Version 4.1.2

- BodySlide: Fixed batch build causing texture coordinates to go crazy after v4.1.1. 
- BodySlide: Fixed activating zaps causing a crash after v4.1.1.

Version 4.1.1

* BodySlide: Ungrouped sets now show all presets instead of no presets. You should still create proper groups, though! 
* Outfit Studio: Added UV slider/zap functionality. Diffs are created via OBJ import after a slider was set to UV mode. Instead of morphing the geometry, the move the texture coordinates. 
* Outfit Studio: Fixed loading of custom references that were created using existing references. 
* Outfit Studio: Minor NIF format fixes.

Version 4.1

* Outfit Studio: Bone weights for FO4 and SSE meshes are now normalized more accurately. 
* Outfit Studio: Added SSE optimization for NIF files. A dialog will ask you to convert them. 
* Outfit Studio: Fixed partition painting for SSE. 
* Outfit Studio: Stability and performance improvements.

Version 4.0

* General: Skyrim Special Edition support! 
* General: Support for NIF meshes and BSA archives of SSE. 
* General: Show a target game selection dialog the first time you launch the program. 
* Outfit Studio: OBJ/FBX import now creates default partitions for the body slot (FO3NV/SK). 
* Outfit Studio: Improved handling of skin transforms and creating new bone bounding spheres. 
* Outfit Studio: Allow dragging and dropping multiple files into the frame at once. 
* Outfit Studio: Show warning if the version of the loaded NIF doesn't match the target game. 
* Outfit Studio: Changed skeleton root from "NPC" to "NPC Root [Root]" for Skyrim. 
* Outfit Studio: Removed "File -> Apply Overall Skin Transform" menu item, not needed anymore. 
* Outfit Studio: When saving a project, remove _0 and _1 from default target file name for SK. 
* Outfit Studio: Moved reference templates from the Config.xml to a new RefTemplates.xml file. 
* Outfit Studio: Copying weights now ignores masked vertices and they keep their old weights. 
* Outfit Studio: Enabling vertex edit doesn't cause non-existent clipping to appear anymore. 
* Outfit Studio: Updated reference skeletons for all games.

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